Can you buy health insurance at any time of the year?

If you have used the US government website for shopping for health insurance, you probably noticed the short period of time during each year in which you can buy insurance. At Bachmann Insurance Agency serving Flushing, MI, we want you to understand that the open enrollment period applies whether you visit us directly or use the government portal.

US Congress set each year’s open enrollment dates in the law that created the health insurance portal. While the government created a fair method for each person to obtain affordable health insurance, it also included protection for the insurance industry. Providing an open enrollment period protects insurance companies from individuals who would only register for insurance if they fell ill and needed it.

Of course, since the same law created a mandate for employers to provide health insurance, it balanced that with provisions to protect employees. When an individual quits a job or gets fired, it triggers an exception to open enrollment. That lets the individual purchase their own policy to continue coverage, which saves them from paying for COBRA coverage, a traditionally expensive option.

Other exceptions to open enrollment exist, including the birth or adoption of a child and the need to move to a new area. If you must move to a new area for any reason, you can shop for new insurance since your existing policy may not have doctors or hospitals in the area to which you move.

Bachmann Insurance Agency serving Flushing, MI can help you find health insurance if you have experienced a qualifying exception. Otherwise, see us during open enrollment to find your new medical policy.