Michigan Health Insurance: Are You Using Your Health Insurance Properly?

It is easy to be confused by the health care system, as there are so many different kinds of health care, and each insurance company has its own set of procedures. You may be wondering if you are using your health insurance properly and to the fullest. You may not even be wondering about that, and not know that you could use your health care to your advantage a little more.

At Bachmann Insurance Agency, we know how important health care is to every Flushing, MI resident. We want you to make the most use possible of your health insurance.

How to Use Your Health Insurance Policy

Every insurance company has a set way of doing things when it comes to taking advantage of your health care benefits. When you are enrolling, be sure that you make notes of what your benefits and limits are. Many plans will want you to use specific doctors, clinics, and hospitals.

When you go to the doctor or clinic, you will provide your insurance information. The first time, the clinic may take a copy of your policy card, or enter your information into their system.

This is the information that your doctors and practitioners will use to get paid. You may have a co-pay with your services. That means you may have to pay a nominal fee every time you go to the doctor, and your insurance covers the rest.

There is also a phone number on your insurance card that you can use any time you have questions about your health care.

Kinds of Health Care

There are a few different kinds of health care that you can choose from, depending on your budget. A fee-for-service model is typically the most flexible and allows you to choose your providers and doctors. A Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) will offer a co-payment system and covers preventive care such as cancer screening, vaccinations, cholesterol screening, and programs like smoking cessation programs. 

A PPO or preferred provider organization will offer co-payments as well, but also offers more options for clinics and doctors.

Talk to Your Insurance Company

There may be a lot of things included in your health care plan that you can take advantage of that you don’t know about. At Bachmann Insurance Agency, we want Flushing, MI to get the most out of their plan. Give us a call today and we’ll walk you through the process.