Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Michigan

Despite having insurance for their home and cars, many boat and watercraft owners don't protect themselves with adequate insurance. Your boat or watercraft can represent a significant investment, yet owners don't always realize the costs they could be held liable for while boating. Damage to docks and moorings, problems with hauling the watercraft to and from the water, injuries to passengers, or damage to another watercraft are just some of the difficulties a boat owner might face.

At Bachman Insurance Agency in Flushing, MI, we are a local company that is aware of the insurance that is needed by people who use the waterways in Michigan. Our insurance policies will protect your watercraft from damage and assist with specific repairs, reimburse you for any fuel dumping fines, damage to other watercraft in case of an accident, and towing or raising your watercraft. A well-written insurance policy can provide protection both to your watercraft and the rest of your property as well.

Bachman Insurance Agency is also familiar with the insurance needed by working boats, tourist boats, or boats that race, such as speed boats. Significant repairs to watercraft can be quite expensive, and our insurance will help you by sharing that cost. Our agents are experts at assuring your peace of mind as you operate your watercraft. We keep up-to-date with all Michigan waterway regulations and will assure that your craft has all insurance mandated by Michigan law. We provide coverage for both personal watercraft as well as a variety of larger watercraft.

If it is time to review your boat and watercraft insurance, give Bachman Insurance Agency in Flushing, MI a call today. We offer free estimates without obligation for new customers. We can also provide an estimate to compare to your current insurance and coverage. Our agents are ready to help you with great watercraft and boat insurance.

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