Umbrella Insurance in Michigan

Personal coverage under your policies like home, auto, or recreational insurance policies may not be enough to cover injuries or damages arising from an accident that you are legally responsible for. With an Umbrella Insurance policy in Michigan, you will have the ultimate additional protection when your primary coverage is exhausted. At Bachmann Insurance Agency in Flushing, MI, our agents are ready to guide you through a path of acquiring an outstanding umbrella insurance policy that suits your needs and budget.

What is umbrella insurance?

It is a type of personal liability insurance that covers claims in excess of regular homeowners, auto, or watercraft policy coverage.

Why do you need an umbrella insurance policy?

  • It alleviates you from bankruptcy arising from monumental lawsuits that trigger the depletion of your property.
  • It protects you against being sued for damage that other policies don’t cover, such as an accident you cause at work or on vacation.
  • It provides extra coverage when your primary liability policies like homeowners, auto, or recreational are exhausted.

What it covers

  • Personal injury.
  • Property damage.
  • Landlord liability.
  • Legal representation.

What it doesn’t cover?

  • Personal property.
  • Business losses.
  • Criminal actions
  • Flood damage.

Types of umbrella insurance

  • Bodily injury liability: Is coverage that helps you pay for another person’s injuries in an accident that you are liable for causing.
  • Property damage liability : It covers the cost of damages or loss to another person’s property.
  • Owners of rental units : It helps to protect against liability that you may face as a landlord.

Are you a resident of Michigan and are interested in acquiring an outstanding umbrella insurance policy suiting your needs? Feel free to call or visit our Bachmann Insurance Agency office in Flushing, MI to start your insurance journey with us!

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