Motorcycle Insurance in Michigan

It's Time to Get a Motorcycle Quote

If your motorcycle insurance is about to expire, or you are about to buy a bike in Michigan, the agents at the Bachmann Insurance Agency would like to provide you with a no-obligation estimate. We will review your needs and find a policy for your budget. In Michigan, a motorcycle is not considered a motor vehicle under the no-fault law. However, motorcycle owners are still required to have motorcycle insurance. Be sure you and your bike have the coverage needed to protect you from financial loss. Stay legal in Michigan. We know the rules and regulations.

Some Deciding Factors

Many factors determine the amount of your insurance premium. There are many types of motorbikes, and even more ways to customize a bike. Here are some questions the agent may ask you before finding you a quote for motorcycle insurance. Who else drives your motorcycle? How old is your bike? What size is the engine? Do you use custom-made parts? Do you ever carry a passenger? Do you ever carry valuables? How often do you ride? Do you wear a helmet? Is this the vehicle you take to work? Have you taken a road safety course offered by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation? If you haven't purchased a bike yet, these are all things to think about when making your bike selection. Still, deciding on a motorcycle? There is nothing wrong with contacting us before your purchase to learn more information about motorbike insurance coverage.

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Your bike fits your lifestyle, and so should your insurance coverage. Contact our office in Flushing, MI. Let one of the agents at the Bachmann Insurance Agency provide you with a no-obligation quote before you take your next ride on the open highway. You will cruise with confidence.

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