Commercial Insurance in Michigan

You know you need insurance for a range of things in your personal life. Home, auto, life, and health insurance instantly come to mind. But what if you are a business owner? What type of insurance do business owners need to protect their company and their investment into that company? At Bachmann Insurance Agency, serving Flushing, MI, we love to take the opportunity to educate our clients in Michigan on these critical topics. Keep reading to find out if you need business insurance.

Does Your Business Own Property?

Business owners who conduct their business on a designated piece of property will benefit from commercial insurance in several ways. First, you can benefit by making sure that your property is insured against damages. Fires, storms, vandalism, and other damages can devastate a small business. Commercial insurance will cover the expenses of repairing or replacing things that were damaged on your property.

In addition to that, commercial property insurance will also protect you, the business owner, if someone else is injured on your property. Dealing with an injury lawsuit can be a costly expense for a business. This adds a layer of protection for you.

Do You Have Liability Concerns?

Depending on the type of business you run, you may have liability concerns for yourself and your employees. Liability concerns are an issue when you are working inside of people’s homes, vehicles, or with their possessions in some way. Liability concerns are also an issue if your employees are working under dangerous conditions. Commercial insurance can truly be the difference between your Michigan business surviving or not if a lawsuit becomes a problem.

Is Your Business Prone to Interruption?

In reality, any business can fall victim to interruption, but some businesses are more prone to this than others. An interruption in business can have a long term effect on your business and your employees. Business interruption insurance allows you the flexibility to continue to pay employees so that you can retain them during a business interruption.

If you would like to learn more about commercial insurance, please contact the friendly staff at Bachmann Insurance Agency, serving Flushing, MI today.

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