Recreational Insurance in Michigan

Four of the five Great Lakes have borders in Michigan. We have over 12,000 miles of trails and more than 8 million acres of land accessible to the public. Also, there are rivers, 11,000 lakes, and countless streams. Consumers spend over 26 billion dollars on outdoor recreation here annually. The industry creates over 220,000 jobs in the outdoor entertainment industry. If you employ one of these 222,000 workers, you should have recreational insurance coverage.

If you are a trail guide, fishing boat captain, golf instructor, provide equipment rentals, or own a hunting club, make sure you are covered. If you are somehow involved in providing clients with recreational activity opportunities, you should find out more about recreational insurance. Protect your business and your employees. If you work as a contractor or own your own business, don't allow a liability lawsuit to destroy your livelihood. One large liability settlement could wipe out everything you have worked so hard to gain. The Bachmann Insurance Agency, located in Flushing MI, will provide you with quotes related to your industry.

According to the state's Department of Recreation Industry, sixty-three percent of state residents participate in some sort of outdoor recreation each year. Did you know some insurers also offer Recreational Insurance for the individual? If you and your family spend your leisure time in the great outdoors, consider purchasing recreational insurance. Whether you are boating, camping, hiking, hunting, or skiing, give your family protection from the financial risk of the unexpected. Enjoy the beauty of the wilderness without financial worry. Contact the Bachmann Insurance Agency of Flushing, MI to learn more about obtaining recreational insurance. Our independent agents work with many different policy providers. Allow us to give you a no-obligation quote. We want to help you experience the best of Michigan's outdoors.

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