What Is Business Interruption Insurance?

When the daily business operations are interrupted, it can cause much stress for business owners in Flushing, MI. However, there is a relief for business owners fearing the possibility of operations being disrupted, which can negatively affect profits. Purchasing business interruption insurance offers peace of mind for businesses knowing they have protection against interruptions to their business operations. 

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What Is Business Interruption Insurance?

Business interruption insurance is additional coverage added to an existing business owner’s insurance policy. This add-on policy covers loss of income the business may experience after experiencing a catastrophe, such as fire or natural disaster. This policy differs from property insurance because it does not cover physical items, but instead, it covers typical income earned if the catastrophic event never occurred. 

What Is Covered by Business Interruption Insurance? 

There are several scenarios where a business owner is covered under their business interruption insurance. These scenarios would include natural disasters and fire. Typical items covered include: 

  • Fixed operational costs, such as rent or utility bills
  • Temporary relocation costs, such as if the business needs to move to a new location while the existing site is repaired or rebuilt
  • Income loss due to government-mandated closures could cause a business to close early for a government-issued curfew or other covered events
  • Unforeseen expenses, such as expenses that are not fixed costs but incurred due to the interruption

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