Overlooked Home Insurance Coverage Features

Understanding Home Insurance in Michigan

While Michigan law doesn’t mandate homeowners to carry home insurance, it is favored by lenders and can significantly enhance your odds of securing financing. Your lender is likely to request evidence of home insurance.

To satisfy this requirement, Bachmann Insurance Agency can guide you beyond the basics and help you assess essential coverage you might otherwise miss. Here’s why home insurance is integral in Michigan:

1. Reflecting on Flood Protection

With a vast floodplain, Michigan homeowners need to be prepared. To assess your flood risk, visit the state’s flood map. Particularly, Flushing, MI bears a higher risk, marking the importance of flood coverage in the home insurance spectrum.

2. Boosting Disaster Protection

While home insurance covers some natural disasters, not all are included. Michigan often battles tornadoes and windstorms more frequently than other states, making it necessary to tailor your policy for such situations.

3. Addressing Sewer Damage

Your standard policy might not specify coverage for damages due to a sump pump or main water line malfunction. Certain situations might necessitate supplementary protection, especially when caused by natural disasters.

4. Safeguarding Personal Assets and Valuables

While your homeowner’s policy might cover the structure and some fixtures, valuable personal property like jewelry, collector’s coins, or precious art might require an added layer of insurance.

5. Considering Other Essential Coverage

Areas like a home office might be considered a commercial space, necessitating a commercial policy for the equipment housed there. Additionally, your home’s liability insurance could cover injuries sustained by someone on your property.

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