What’s included Flushing, MI auto insurance policy?

Auto insurance isn’t just encouraged. It’s the law.

Like most states, Michigan has defined auto insurance requirements. In fact, their minimum coverage limits are more strict than most. And these guidelines are constantly evolving. Luckily, Bachmann Insurance Agency stays current. Serving Flushing, MI, their agents are experts at navigating these regulations. 

Using this knowledge, Bachmann Insurance Agency lists four essential items that any auto insurance policy must include.

Bodily injury liability

Michigan mandates liability coverage for all drivers. The first part of this protection is for bodily injury. If a collision results in serious injury to another motorist, this reimburses those expenses. By law, drivers must carry $50,000 for any single person involved. A total of $100,000 is needed per incident for all people.

Property damage liability

Another form of liability, property damage extends to any damage to someone’s property. While this applies most often to vehicle damage, it also includes the destruction of buildings and other structures. Michigan requires at least $10,000 in property damage coverage. However, in 2019, the state became a no-fault state. For this reason, property damage liability is most relevant for accidents occurring outside of the state.

Personal injury protection

Abbreviated as "PIP," personal injury protection specifically produces benefits for these no-fault claims. Unlike liability, this applies to you personally. It can pay a portion of lost wages, medical expenses, and other needed services that result from an incident.

Property Protection Insurance

Similar to property damage liability, this covers damage to "tangible property." But, it also applies to in-state destruction only. Any Michigan auto policy requires $1 million coverage.

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