Do I Need To Visit A Doctor To Get Health Insurance?

You might need to visit your doctor if you want to get health insurance, but you do not necessarily have to have a diagnosis to qualify for health insurance. Many health plans, especially those offered through private vendors or exchanges, are "not-for-profit," which means that they are not required to make a profit for their investors. 

If you do not have any current health issues that would prevent you from obtaining health insurance and you plan to buy a plan from a non-profit organization, then you do not necessarily need to see a doctor. No, you can purchase health insurance from a private company as an individual. 

To purchase insurance from a public program, such as Medicaid, you will likely need to visit your doctor for a diagnosis. Some public programs do not require a visit to a doctor, but you will likely need to visit a doctor’s office to confirm that you meet the program’s requirements. For assistance, consult Bachmann Insurance Agency in Flushing, MI. 

How To Get Health Insurance

You may qualify for a reduced premium or no copayment or deductibles if you have a pre-existing condition. If your job provides you with health insurance, you can still buy stand-alone or "individual" insurance outside of open enrollment. 

Getting insurance as soon as possible if you are diagnosed with a chronic condition will help you get the best coverage and avoid any waiting periods. Some people may also need to shop around to find a plan that will cover their medication. You can also get a plan that will cover your medication if you have a specific plan that doesn’t cover it. 

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You may need to see a doctor if searching for private health insurance. However, if you are looking for public health insurance, you may be able to get coverage without seeing a doctor. Health insurance comes in various shapes and sizes, each designed to suit the needs of a specific type of consumer. 

If having a pre-existing condition and seeking to buy health insurance, you will likely need to visit a doctor to get a letter proving that condition and/or get a "go-private" quote to help you purchase a policy.  Contact us at Bachmann Insurance Agency in Flushing, MI for health and other insurance-related advice.