Underrated Auto Insurance Facts

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Underrated Auto Insurance Facts

Traveling around Michigan in your car may seem a regular occurrence. However, it’s essential to stay alert while on the road. That’s why auto insurance is an asset. Auto insurance covers you during emergencies. The policy covers any damage to your vehicle due to a collision with another car or object. In the unfortunate event that you are held responsible for the damages, liability coverage steps in to protect your assets. Liability coverage covers the necessary repairs for any property damage you’ve caused and any medical treatment if your vehicle hurt someone. Comprehensive coverage protects your car if it is stolen or damaged due to inclement weather. While looking over your policy, here are some underrated auto insurance facts.

Animal Collisions

If you are traveling through the Upper Peninsula, you may encounter some deer and other animals on the road. Comprehensive coverage protects you if your vehicle suffers damage from a collision with an animal.

Modified Coverage

Perhaps you plan to modify your engine in the future or have other accessories installed. You can add modified coverage to your auto insurance policy. This ensures that you will be fully covered if your car is damaged after the upgrades are installed. Having your vehicle appraised is also recommended.

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