What Does Liability Mean on an Auto Insurance Policy?

Auto accident liability is critical to understand for all drivers. And at Bachmann Insurance Agency, we can help drivers in and near Flushing, MI get the policies they need and provide high-quality coverage that will meet your needs as a driver.

Auto Accident Liability Explained 

Liability is a term that, in essence, means that you caused the accident and are at fault for it. In auto insurance terms, this means one of two different types of damage. The first of these is bodily injury liability protection. It covers any injuries that you may have caused in an accident. 

So, if you hit somebody else’s car while driving and caused them serious physical injury, your liability coverage would pay for their treatment. This would also include lawsuit situations, such as if they attempt to sue you for mental and physical suffering alongside their medical expenses. 

The second liability element consists of property damage protection. It covers all damage to property in an accident at which you are at fault. It often applies to other cars and may help repair or replace a damaged vehicle if you were at fault or liable for the accident. 

However, this liability protection also helps fix any damage to other property you may have caused. For instance, if you crash into a home and damage it with your car, your liability will pay (up to your limits) for the repairs. You cover anything after your policy limit. 

Get the Help You Need 

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