What is a BOP?

Business owners who live in Flushing, MI are not required to have commercial insurance except for worker’s compensation coverage, paying for laborer injuries, lost wages, and alternate job training when they are hurt at work. 

Nevertheless, business insurance is an indemnification that many entrepreneurs choose to buy for the benefits it confers, in addition to protecting businesses from significant financial loss. 

What is a BOP?

A BOP, or business owner’s policy, is a group of insurance products that are bundled together for the convenience of customers. Depending on the line of work you are in, there are often perils that most frequently occur within your industry. The function of the BOP is to streamline these services, and your Bachmann Insurance Agency representative can go over the details of your situation. 

If you own your own building, it’s important to insure the contents of the edifice, as you may be housing raw materials that are needed for your offering. In addition, the equipment you depend on to create an income can be destroyed if, for example, your warehouse were to go up in flames or be subject to an electrical surge.

You may also have more than one location to insure, and you have the option for business interruption coverage that helps provide income in the interim between the disaster and recovery. 

The general liability portion of this combined coverage will typically indemnify you in scenarios where you’re found responsible for damaging someone else’s property or injuring someone. Additionally, if your advertising causes harm, it can help provide redress. 

Bachmann Insurance Agency Provides Insurance Solutions

We help create insurance packages to meet every criterion for your life situation, and we are available to speak more in-depth with you online, by phone, or in the office. We serve those living in and around Flushing, MI.