When Does Auto Insurance Cover Repairs?

Some drivers in Flushing, MI assume that since they carry the minimum required auto insurance, they’re covered on any repairs they need. This is incorrect for a few reasons. For your insurance company to cover your repairs, a few criteria need to be met:

  • You need to have collision coverage (for accidents) and comprehensive coverage (for non-accident damage) in order for your damages to be covered.
  • The damages need to be the result of a covered hazard, not simple wear and tear or neglect.
  • You need to file your claim in a timely manner, which will be about a month in most cases.

The more evidence you can gather, the better the odds of your claim being accepted. If you can take photos at the accident scene or you can record your version of the event immediately following the incident, this will make it easier to file your claim.

The truth is that your insurance company probably has no issue with recognizing a valid claim. They just want to make sure that you’re forthright and that they can accurately estimate the damages, so the more accurate the details in your claim, the better.

If you’re driving a brand new car, you may want to look into replacement coverage and gap insurance, as well as comprehensive and collision, to make sure that you’re completely covered.

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